Dancing Gnome Farm is based in a love for nourishing food grown locally and a desire to work and live in a way that respects the Earth. Our commitment encompasses all parts of farming and the life we live – from using chemical-free practices to grow our vegetables, to providing our animals with fresh pasture and wholesome feed without GMOs and antibiotics. We do our best to view the land as an entire ecological system, and we strive to continually improve our methods of respecting and supporting that ecosystem.

Dancing Gnome Farm is farmer Lauren and her partner Michael. Lauren is the creator and workhorse behind the day-to-day farm operations. Michael–when not pulling weeds or tending the pigs–runs his own business, Broken Paddle Guiding Company, guiding kayakers on the nearby Mississippi River backwaters. Through our businesses we put our values into motion, believing wholeheartedly that we must treat our lands and waters with respect and work to leave them richer than when we came.

Dancing Gnome Farm is more than us; it’s family, friends, CSA members, customers, and mentors. The farm is here thanks to those who raised, mentored, and supported us. Nestled on a beautiful bluff-top surrounded by big woods and wild rivers, we are constantly grateful for the land that sustains us. We invite you to share in the magic of tiny seedlings just poking their loops above the soil, in the mischief of pigs chasing each other through mud puddles, and in the joy of a table full of delicious food grown with care. Join us! With veggies like these, who wouldn’t want to dance?